Advisory Committee and Human Capital Campaign Launched!

¨   What: Human Capital Campaign+ Advisory Committee

¨   Where: Taza Chocolate

¨   When: January 11th, 2011

¨   Contact info:

¨   For immediate release

Groundwork Somerville Launches Our First Ever Human Capital Campaign + Advisory Committee

Groundwork Somerville hosted our first ever Advisory Committee at Taza Chocolate at (561 Windsor Street) in Somerville, MA. For those who are not aware, Groundwork is a non-profit organization that’s dedicated to engagement of our community. In promoting environmental, economic and social well being powered mainly by youth.

On January 11th 2011, Groundwork Somerville hosted our first ever Advisory Committee meeting. The Advisory Committee was invited for the purpose of combining community ideas and perspectives on ways for Groundwork Somerville to better impact the community, including fundraising more involvement and support of all those whom have been committed and other that would be willing to participate toward our growth.

Groundwork Somerville strives to build awareness of and engage our community in creating sustainable neighborhoods. Our organization has obtained a substantial amount of support from our surrounding community members. Thank you! To continue our tremendous progress, supporters are always in demand.

To assist us in 2011, we created the Human Capital Campaign. Groundwork Somerville aims to raise $100,000 during the 2011 Calendar to support our efforts within the City of Somerville and beyond. We have named this campaign in honor of our organization’s investment in “human capital” – that is, the strengths gained by communities and individuals through education and experience. We hope you will join us in these efforts by contributing to our fundraising campaign.  Please consider donating in any amount to support our work! Any sort of aid counts, Groundwork is reaching out to our neighboring community for support to contribute to our great programming. A donation will support us in the following ways:

$5 = 1 bike tube for a youth fleet bike
$10 = Snack for one afterschool garden club
$25 = 1 bundle of wood to power our Maple Syrup Project boiler
$75 = Buys 2 life preservers for Mystic River Invasive Removal
$100 = Summer stipend for one Garden Youth Crew Member
$500 = Full tool box for a National Park Preserver Member
$750 = Provides fee for one-season farmers’ market stand
$1000 = Helps pay the salary for the GWS Event Coordinator
$1,500 = Full summer stipend for 1 Green Team Member
$2,000 = Seed money for a NEW hire: Development Director
$5,000 = A Soil Cycle compost tumbler named in your honor
$10, 000 = A Schoolyard Garden named in your honor

Groundwork Somerville has been established for over 10 years and with the help of our community we can continue to provide many more youth programs a clean community, healthy eating opportunities, and gardens for many years to come!