Congrats to Everett High School Gardeners!

Groundwork Somerville’s Gardens Consultant Tai Dinnan worked with an amazing team of community members, teachers, staff, and students at Everett High School this spring to plan and build a new school garden.  Check out the photos below and visit our partner Energize Everett’s Facebook Group for updates on the garden and news about where the produce is going.



Learn more about Groundwork Somerville Gardens Consultation here!

Here’s what EHS Science Teacher and Green Club Advisor had to say about the process: Groundwork Somerville was an essential and integral part of planning and creating the garden at Everett High School (EHS).   Creation of a school garden is a complex task especially for people who have never gardened before.  Tai Dinnan was the GroundworkSomerville representative that met with the garden team at EHS.  She was able to guide us in our choices in practically every aspect of the garden—from construction and number of garden beds to plant choices to an ideal time frames for garden planting.  Without Tai’s expertise and advice, the garden at EHS would not have been the success it has been.


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  1. Kirk Meyer on July 28, 2011 at 6:25 pm

    Good work Tai and right on Everett HS!!!