Garden Youth Crew at Union Sq. Farmers’ Market

The Groundwork Somerville Garden Youth Crew made their debut at the Union Square Farmer’s Market on August 6th with Lemon Balm, Chamomile, Mint, Chocolate Mint, and Anise Hyssop teas and Catnip, arranged in baskets alongside the Green Team on that Saturday morning. With the taste tests ready, we anxiously awaited our first customer.

As the Farmer’s Market population began to trickle in, the tea began to trickle out. Between many vibrant characters and even some familiar faces, our baskets emptied. Before the Farmer’s Market had ended, every last packet was sold. Although shy at first, the Garden Youth Crew became comfortable behind the table and selling what we had to offer. It was a new experience that was great fun!

The crew left with some valuable information. Our featured item, Catnip, was in demand—but, unfortunately, more demand than supply! This is something that we will try to accommodate in the future, along with many other things. Now, being Union Square Farmer’s Market Veterans, we know the in’s and out’s of it. So, we can use everything that we’ve learned to be even better next year!


Although we were already pretty good…