Garden Youth Crew field trip to Gaining Ground Farm

The Groundwork Somerville Garden Youth Crew took a trip to the Gaining Ground organic farm in Concord, MA on Tuesday, July 26th. The crew doused themselves in sunblock to prepare for an afternoon of hard work outdoors. Bruno the bunny was a big hit as the members fed him lettuce as they waited to begin their tasks for the day.

Led by one of the farm volunteers, Raf, it was day was full of compost, wheelbarrows, weeds, and taste tests—but most of all (and most importantly) learning. This volunteer experience taught the Garden Youth Crew what organic farming is, the benefits, and the precautions an organic farm must take in lieu of pesticides. We also learned things like what our everyday vegetables look like before while they are harvested and sold, the hard work that goes into raising crops, the benefits of growing and eating locally, and got the crew in touch with the journey of our food in order to get to us.

The day was a success. The members of the crew enjoyed being helpful, moving the compost, the wheelbarrows, the rye, and the Mexican bean beetles, but we all agreed that it was a bit sunny!

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  1. Billy on February 19, 2012 at 2:13 pm

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