Groundwork Somerville Featured on Eco-Centric Blog!

This week the Eco-Centric Blog chose to focus their “Hero profile” on our organization!!  Check it out:

Most Thursdays, we run a Hero profile of a specific person — this week, we are trying something new, expanding Our Heroes to include programs we admire.

This blog post was written by Margaret Riche, our Hunter College Public Service Scholar.

It’s no secret that the number of people on Earth is exponentially growing, while the size of our planet remains the same. More than half of all humans now live in urban areas and these numbers will inevitably continue to grow.  If we are to survive and thrive, it’s critical that a holistic and sustainable-minded approach be at the heart of urban development and community advocacy. Luckily, there are groups like Groundwork Somerville looking out for the welfare of the planet and city-dwellers alike. Other environmentalists, community advocates and urban planners should take note.  Click here to read more.