GWS is hiring: Lead Garden Educator

Groundwork Somerville is accepting applications for a Lead Gardens Educator to begin January 2nd 2012 to manage and run Groundwork Somerville’s nature and garden-based elementary after school programming.  One full day orientation before winter vacation will provide the foundation for this new staff member to begin programming on January 2nd.   The Lead Gardens Educator will support our Gardens Coordinator with our additional winter and spring programming including: The Somerville Maple Syrup Project, April Vacation Week Camp, and Gardens Consulting.

GWS will be hiring a new full time Gardens Coordinator to start March 26th.  The Gardens Coordinator will supervise and/or run all “healthy EDUCATION” programming.  It is our hope that this will be a stepped process with the Lead Gardens Educator transitioning into the role of Gardens Coordinator to ease into management of such a multifaceted position in our vibrant community-based environmental non-profit organization.

Both positions are contingent on continued funding. As a core program, Schoolyard Gardens is a primary priority for the organization.  Visit for more information or to apply.