Last Day of Garden Youth Crew

As the August days pass, the summer comes to a close. The Garden Youth Crew completed its final day on Thursday, August 11th. We marked our last hours together with the planting of basil seedlings in the sun, reminiscing, and eating some grub!

After planting the seedlings, we made thank you cards to voice our appreciation to all of the people that helped us throughout the summer to make our program extra interesting and fun, such as: The Elizabeth Peabody House, Gaining Ground Farm, MEM Tea, and the Somerville Public School Food Services.

And after sitting around a potluck of eclectic deliciousness, and looking back fondly on the summer journey, everyone said goodbye with a sense of camaraderie and accomplishment.

With lots of new experiences and having learned so many new things, we were all proud to have been part of the 2011 Groundwork Somerville Garden Youth Crew!