Blueback Herring River Route

The City of Somerville was awarded funding from the Massachusetts Environmental Trust in the fall of 2009 to develop the Blueback Herring River Route. Partnering organizations include Groundwork Somerville, the Mystic River Watershed Association, the Metropolitan Area Planning Council and the Somerville Arts Council.

The Blueback Herring River Route serves to link people from the popular public park, Foss Park, and the Mystic River at the DCR Blessing of the Bay Boathouse. Despite their proximity - about a half mile - few residents take advantage of the Mystic River as a valuable source of recreation and relaxation.  The goal of the Blueback Herring River Route is to increase community knowledge and usage of the Mystic River. The walking route is marked with signage placed on existing light and signage poles as well as by "footprints" on the sidewalk.

You can find the finished brochure for the project here

Did you know that a Blueback Herring is one of two types of herring found in the Mystic River? The Alewife Herring also swims up the Mystic River in the spring to lay its eggs, or spawn.