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My name is Leah Effron, and I am majoring in Community Health and Child Development at Tufts University. At Groundwork Somerville, I work on environmental education, curriculum development, and outreach.

Below are lesson plans that I have formulated that are tied to being outside, nature and gardens. These lesson plans are specifically tied to the Massachusetts third grade Life Science Standards, however most activities are appropriate for second through fifth graders. These lesson plans can be implemented during school, summer camp, in an after school program, or in your own personal garden. All lesson plans can be adapted to fit your specific class’ needs, environment, and time period.

Any feedback, suggestions, questions, and ideas for curriculum extensions are welcome and appreciated.  Please post all comments in the following linked discussion in Groundwork Somerville’s Forum: (coming soon)

Happy explorations!


Identifying Parts of a Flower

Maple Syrup Project

Seed Travel and Growth

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