School Gardens Fall Update

Groundwork Somerville is running FIFTEEN weekly after school clubs across the city this fall!  Harvest Heroes (K-2nd grade) and Green Thumbs (3rd-5th grade) after school garden clubs will be responsible for maintaining their school gardensfor the fall harvest season across the city. Our team will explore, play, maintain, and enjoy harvested snacks in our garden. As the season turns cold and the frost comes to Somerville, we’ll use team energy to “put our garden to bed” for the winter.

Garden Youth Crew, Jr. (6-8th grade) members will join the youth team responsible for taking care of and harvesting the vegetable gardens at the Somerville Community Growing Center at 22 Vinal Ave.  This fall, crew members will also get to be in charge of inventing a product from the gardens which we will sell at the Groundwork Somerville booth at the Union Square Farmer’s Market on 10/29.  Crew members will also learn how to cook yummy snacks with the food we grow!