School Gardens Winter Update

The New Year means the kick-off of “Eco-Explorers” and “Food Justice Team” after school clubs. In the winter, elementary clubs focus on actively observing weather, plants, animals, and humans in the winter in Somerville. We’ll make birdfeeders for the school garden, make an indoor worm bin, play games, track animals, learn about maple syrup, cook healthy snacks, and more! As members of our Food Justice team, Middle School youth will will explore where food comes from, how food affects our community, and what we can do to create change.

We are excited to have an amazing team making our after school programming possible. We’ve welcomed LeighAnna to our team as Lead Gardens Educator this winter. Interns Anna and Lia are strengthening our work and expanding our offerings. Volunteers Kim, Becca, Jonathan, Lynne, and Margreta make everything possible. Go Team!