Thank your for a GREAT Gala!

WOW – what a GREAT night 🙂 I am so impressed by my Board and staff, and humbled by how much passion they  bring to our community. I can honestly say that without them, this organization simply would not be!

We had PATTI MORENO in the house! How rockin is that? Mark Santoro and The Pretty Pennies brought down the house! We had our own Saladin Islam rockin out on stage…Jonathan Reis speaking at the podium…our Green Team presenting their mural to dozens of people…we sold $95 worth of worms!  We sure have come a long way in just a year.

An amazing note is that almost every artist sold at least one piece – that’s great! We were able to promote local businesses here in Greater Boston. Thank you for that.

For artists or winning bidders who need to pick up pieces and/or pay, I will be out of town for one week and back on May 17th. Please contact the office by May 24th, if you have not received notice from us yet. Thank you!


Jennifer Lawrence

Executive Director