CCP Looking for Urban Design experts!

We invite you to put your creative design/planning skills to work on the long awaited Green Line extension through Somerville. Workshop Dates to be announced

►The Green Line Community Corridor Planning Project of Somerville is seeking:

·       Urban Designers

·       Land Use Planners

·       Transportation Planners

·        Landscape Architects

to work on design teams with community members this spring to develop sustainable attractive, easy to access light-rail stations and station-area designs for the new stations on the Green Line extension through Cambridge, Somerville and Medford.

►We seek volunteers from the professional design and planning communities to participate with community residents in station-area design workshops for the Union Square, Washington Street/Brickbottom, Gilman Square, Lowell Street, Ball Square, College Avenue, and Route 16 stations.

►Professionals will provide creative design and strategic input; community residents will provide critical local knowledge and vision.  The Community Corridor Project will provide maps, schematics, materials and a coordinating professional urban designer.

►Participants will work on specific stations with baseline data and schematic designs in an iterative process to develop concepts, alternatives, and refined designs by collaboratively developing a plan for each station area that addresses urban design, land use, multi-modal access, and connectivity.

►For more information about this exciting and important project see the attached list of resources.  If you are interested in lending your expertise in participating in station-area design workshops this spring, contact Ellin Reisner at or 617-776-1987.  Let us know if you have a preference for working on a particular station area.

Materials will be provided for the workshops.  Baseline Reference information and maps are being collected and will be made available to the station area design teams.