Don’t Ditch your Rain Barrels


This past week, the first snowfall finally stuck. While the air may be getting frostier, that doesn’t mean forgetting about your rain barrels! You can use your rain barrels throughout the winter to catch snow. As the weather gets warmer, the snow will melt and you can conserve water all through the winter. You can store the snow water to use on your garden for when spring rolls around, but it doesn’t stop there! Have you thought about all the other things you can use it for?


You can use it for outdoor chores!

  • Washing your car!
  • Wash the windows on your house!
  • Cleaning the garden furniture!

Maybe some decoration?

  • Make a Garden pond!
  • Refill the bird bath!

You can even bring it inside!

  • Water your indoor plants!
  • Flush the toilet! (you’d be surprised how much clean water literally goes down the tubes)


There’s so much you can do, so don’t let that winter snow go to waste!