Groundwork Somerville NEEDS YOUR HELP!

Hi friends of Groundwork Somerville!

As some of you may have seen, we are in a little bit of a tight money situation and would LOVE your help. Thank you ten times over for any help you can give, even if it solely means you can forward this on to friends! Please see below for a little information:

1) We hired many youth this year, with the hope that we would be able to cover the costs of their salaries before the end of August…Well, we’re a little short! We’re looking for businesses and individuals who would like to sponsor a youth ($1500 is an entire summer of employment working on green initiatives). We would love to thank you by promoting you on our website

2) We’re always looking for businesses and residents who are interested in participating in events by either sponsoring that event or donating something that we can auction off at an event. Our next event is the Local Roots Food and Music Festival on September 11th at the Growing Center on Vinal Ave.

3) Asking your  friends to sponsor a Green Teamer is a huge help and is greatly appreciated.

Obviously, our biggest need right now is to raise enough fast cash to pay for our youth employees’ pay checks on August 31st. That said, we appreciate any and all support!

I am posting at the end of this email some youth accomplishments this past summer and I’m attaching our brochure so that you can learn a little more.  If you are able to donate to this great cause, please do not do so online – Our system will not pay us until mid-September! Please contact me for more information.

Thanks again!


Green Team

  • Hired 18 high school students to work with us through summer 2010
  • Hired 3 Assistant Supervisors and 3 Supervisors of the Green Team, creating 6 new green jobs in our community
  • Designed a new community learning garden at the Mystic River
  • Tended, harvested and sold produce from 9 schoolyard gardens
  • Organized a youth summit of 40 young people to talk about the impacts of the Green Line extension on our community

National Park Preservers

  • Hired 12 young adults to learn hands-on green jobs skills at the Minute Man National Historical Park and the Saugus Iron Works National Park
  • Hosted over 20 community service days in Somerville, Cambridge, Medford and Everett
  • Created three new urban gardens in Somerville
  • Created a new soup kitchen in Davis Square
  • Worked with over 500 volunteers on various projects across Greater Boston

Jennifer Lawrence
Executive Director
Groundwork Somerville
617-628-9988 (p)
207-651-1972 (c)
19 Properzi Way, Suite O
Somerville, MA 02143