Cleaning & Greening Somerville

spring clean up 2017 with trash truck!

Cleaning & Greening Events:

2021 Dates

  • Sat, April 24, 9-12pm, Earth Day!
  • Sat, May 22, 9-12pm
  • Sat, June 19, 4-7pm
  • Wed, July 21, 5:30-8:30pm
  • Th, Aug 26, 4-7pm
  • Sat, Sept 25, 12-3pm
  • Sat, Oct 23, 12-3pm

Due to COVID-19, these events will require a pre-registration and we will cap the event at 10 people per location per hour. Check back soon for registration!

These volunteer-based efforts work to improve public space in partnership with local businesses and organizations. It is our hope that these events will continue to run throughout the city as Groundwork Somerville’s Cleaning & Greening programs expand and allow more opportunities for individuals to engage in their community.

With the help of individual and business based partnerships, Groundwork Somerville’s Cleaning & Greening program will bring our community together to make the city sparkle!


Somerville Spring Clean Up - Comcast Cares Day

Groundwork Somerville is proud to partner with the City of Somerville on this city-wide cleanup each spring. This is our largest clean-up event of the year, and typically includes a dozen cleanup sites around the City and ends with a community barbeque and festival. We hope to be back together for this event in spring of 2021!



To register you or your group in advance for any of these events, click the button below.


If you or your business would like to sponsor a Cleaning & Greening event, click to email us.