Somerville Makes Top 10 Best in the U.S.!


z2Lonely Planet has “scoured the states to create the ultimate US travel wish list for 2016,” and recently published a list of the ten best places to visit in all of the United States. What was number six on that list? You guessed it: Somerville, Massachusetts! In fact, THREE of the top 10 places on the list are home to Groundwork trusts, including Groundwork Milwaukee, Groundwork Dona Ana County in Southern New Mexico — plus Yellowstone National Park, which brings 60 Groundwork youth in a year for service learning and park improvement projects, also made the list. Noticing a trend? We’re not saying that Groundwork is solely responsible for so many of the country’s greatest places, but we definitely make a difference in our communities!

z4Lonely Planet gives a shout out to Somerville’s quirk, and appreciates some of our home-grown Somerville staples. “If you’re at a cutting-edge restaurant, craft brewery or a secret speakeasy, chances are you’re in Somerville right now.”

We have all appreciated the nod to local businesses like Aeronaut Brewery, which Groundwork Somerville has collaborated with countless times. The article mentions all of Somerville’s unique and zany festivals, like HONK! and Fluff Festival, which are only the beginning of all the unique festivals that Somerville has to offer,  like SomerStreets, HarvestFest, and even Groundwork Somerville’s own Maple Syrup Boil Down Festival, which takes place each year in early March at the Community Growing Center. The Maple Syrup Project also brings us to Somerville’s many inventive eats, from restaurants like Flatbread Pizza Company (especially on Tuesdays!) to Taza Chocolate to yummy community events like Cider Day at the South Street Farm. There’s always something fun and funky to check out in da ville!

z1Lonely Planet says, “Now is the time to go,” and they just might be right. If you do make the journey, be sure to visit Groundwork at our Farm or at one of our markets or events. Or come out and help make Somerville even better with one of our volunteer days. But be careful. With all of the flavor and personality pumping through the streets of Somerville these days, you might never want to leave!

You can read Lonely Planet’s full article here, and’s thoughts on the local achievement here.