Tai Dinnan presents at BNAN Gardeners’ Gathering

On March 20th, 2010 gardeners from Boston and beyond gathered at Northeastern’s Curry Center for the 35th annual Gardener’s Gathering. Groundwork Somerville’s Gardens Coordinator, Tai Dinnan staffed table at the information gallery session along side other representatives community and gardening organizations. Visitors learned about GWS programming, chatted about their hopes and dreams for their own communities, and learned about how similar dreams were turned into realities in Somerville.

Later in the afternoon, Tai was a panel member for the School Garden Programs workshop.  Along with directors and staff from Healthy Waltham, SLUG (Students Learning through Urban Gardening), and City Sprouts, Dinnan highlighted the unique qualities and successes of Groundwork Somerville’s school yard gardens programming.  Currently GWS programming is most active after school and during school vacations – times when students’ time is less constricted and there is enthusiastic support for the outdoor, active, environmental education activities that GWS programs provide. Demonstrations of “Veggie Twister” and the “Worms Eat… Relay” drew laughs and questions as participants brainstormed garden learning games they could use at their schools and gardens.  All panel members were excited by the interest of workshop attendees and hoped that participants left with new ideas and resources to start, energize, and perfect school garden programs in their communities.