Wanted: Worm Enthusiasts

Groundwork Somerville’s Gardens Coordinator is coordinating the following event and is seeking fellow worm enthusiasts to sign up to skill-share and help make the event a success! Help build excitement about worms at the Growing Center!

URBAN WORMS: Saturday May 14 from 2pm – 3pm
Why raise worms? These little powerhouse composters churn out beneficial soil amendments with little work, eating up food waste. As part of our urban agriculture series, join an informal discussion and skill-share about the benefits and challenges of vermicomposting in the city. We are grateful to the participating worm-lovers for sharing their experience and wisdom! @ the Somerville Community Growing Center, 22 Vinal Ave.

Please contact Tai (tai@groundworksomerville.org) if you:
-Have a model worm bin you can bring to show attendees
-Have innovated indoor and/or outdoor composting systems that harness the work of worms and can bring photos, info.
-Have worked to bring worms into schools or offices and want to share your experiences with others
-Had an unsuccessful worm bin, and solved the problem (and can share this experience with folks)

The more stories, show-and-tell, and skill-sharing, the better. Please forward this on to friends who may be able to help out. Join in the fun so we can all learn from eachother, reduce our waste streams, and generate castings for planters and gardens. IF you are able to help, please contact Tai at tai@groundworksomerville.org or call 617-628-9988.

*This event will be preceded by an URBAN COMPOSTING workshop from 12noon-1pm at the Growing Center. Have you wanted to learn about urban composting or had trouble managing a healthy compost bin? Come learn the basics of turning yard and food waste into a valuable soil amendment in one of the most rewarding ecological activities that fits well in the city. Learn a few simple guidelines and see a range of options. –>Feel free to join Tai for both events and bring a picnic lunch to enjoy at the Growing Center between sessions! *