Leaf Those Leaves Alone!


The cold weather has been kicking in… and kicking us into action on all the fall chores we’ve been putting off! But the good news is, you can put off raking those leaves a little longer. If procrastination alone isn’t enough to keep you away from those leaves, here are a few more good reasons to ditch the rake:

  1. Many creatures rely on Autumn’s lazy gardeners, such as the many species of moth and butterfly pupae that overwinter in leaf layer.
  2. Think of the benefit to your garden those leaves can provide! Letting leaves decompose naturally not only helps soil retain water, but it also leaves behind lots of tasty nutrients for your plants and other garden creatures.
  3. It reduces waste and pollution! It will reduce both yard waste and pollution caused by leaf blowers and artificial fertilizers.
  4. Saves you time and energy! Now that you can skip the raking guilt free, you’ll have more time to spend your days off relaxing!

And remember, if you simply MUST get those leaves up, here are some alternatives:

  1. Create a leaf compost pile!
  2. Save those leaves in a paper bag and use them for compost later in the year!
  3. Give them away to local farms and schools looking for them!
  4. Create a wildlife brush pile! These are super easy and can provide shelter for lots of little creatures that need it.

Check back soon for more advice on how to keep your garden environment and wildlife friendly throughout the chilly seasons!